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Assisting with Holiday Travel

At our NDIS support provider, we understand that taking a holiday can be challenging for individuals with a disability and their families. The NDIS provides support to eligible individuals with a disability, including assistance with holidays. Here's everything you need to know about NDIS support for holidays:
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For individuals with a disability, planning a holiday can often entail more stress than joy. This is where the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) steps in to provide assistance. One of the many benefits of being eligible for the NDIS is the comprehensive support they offer for holidays. NDIS can assist individuals with planning and funding a holiday that caters to their needs, preferences, and goals. Their support can include everything from transportation, accommodation arrangements, and even the necessary care and support required during the trip. This not only allows individuals with a disability to enjoy stress-free holidays but also empowers them to lead independent lives with equal opportunities to experience life’s pleasures.

What is NDIS Support for Holidays?

NDIS support for holidays can include a range of services, including but not limited to:

Each individual’s plan is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Who is Eligible for NDIS Support for Holidays?

NDIS support for holidays is available to eligible individuals with a disability who meet certain criteria, including having funding for core supports and capacity building in their NDIS plan.

How to Access NDIS Support for Holidays?

To access NDIS support for holidays, you must first apply for the NDIS and be assessed as eligible. The assessment will determine the level and type of support required to meet your individual needs.

The Benefits of NDIS Support for Holidays

NDIS support for holidays aims to provide individuals with the support they need to enjoy a holiday like anyone else, while also meeting their specific needs. Some of the benefits of NDIS support for holidays include:

Quality and Safety Standards

As an NDIS service provider, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards while carrying out our support services. iSeekCare adheres to strict guidelines to ensure that all support workers:

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