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The NDIS 0107 Daily Personal Care Activities service is tailored to address the distinct needs of individuals with disabilities, fostering their independence and improving their quality of life. Our dedication to quality, safety, and personalization guarantees a comprehensive and dependable service experience for all NDIS participants under our care.
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NDIS Support Code 0107, known as Daily Personal Care Activities, represents a support category in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Its purpose is to offer aid to individuals with disabilities who need assistance with essential daily personal care tasks, with the aim of preserving their personal wellbeing and fostering independence in their daily lives.

Eligible NDIS participants can utilize this funding to cover the expenses associated with personal care support, granting them access to professional and dependable services customized to their specific needs.

Daily Personal Care Tasks Covered

Our dedicated team of support workers offers assistance with a wide range of daily personal care tasks, including but not limited to:

Equipment and Aids

To aid our clients in their personal care routines, we use a variety of specialised tools and equipment, such as:

Assessing Individual Needs and Developing Care Plans

At the core of our service is a personalized approach that caters to the specific needs of each client. We initiate the process with a thorough assessment, where we engage in discussions regarding their unique requirements and preferences.

Following this assessment, we craft a comprehensive Individualized Care Plan that delineates the recommended supports and services. These are strategically devised to effectively manage their daily personal care activities, all while taking into account the client’s individual preferences and requirements.

Quality and Safety Standards

As an NDIS service provider, we commit to upholding the highest quality and safety standards when delivering our support services. iSeekSupport strictly follows guidelines to ensure that all support workers:

Documentation and Service Records

To maintain transparency and accountability, we meticulously document all support services we provide to our clients. This documentation includes accurate records of the time spent, tasks completed, and progress made in achieving individual goals. We share these records with our clients, their families, and NDIS, ensuring that everyone involved stays informed and up-to-date on the support services we offer.

Our Pricing for Assistance With Self-Care Activities - 0107

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