Who is iSeekCare

iSeekCare is a disability and aged care support provider that works with customers to assist participants with realising their potential and providing the highest quality support to improve people lives with independence.

We’re a new provider launching into the care industry, however as we are part of the iSeek Group, we have years of experience and knowledge of the community sector. We provide services from metropolitan and regional locations throughout NSW and QLD.

Our Mission and Values

Our purpose is to build an innovative support provider created to shake up the industry with offering competitive, yet better quality services for people with either a disability or have a home care package.

We are Innovators

We strive to always be thinking outside of the box, to create new ways of providing better support for our clients.

We are Open

We believe in transparency in everything we do, that’s why we are upfront with our pricing and details of our support service, as well we will always keep our clients informed.

We are Honest

Our team prides ourselves in always be upfront and honest with everything that we do, as no one wants to feel like they have been kept in the dark.

We are Enthusiastic

We always are professional and allow our team and clients to express themselves openly and with fun.

We are Caring

We have a passion for what we do and caring to us just comes naturally.

Why Choose Us

You are in Control

iSeekCare focuses on putting you in control, as you are the centre of why we do what we do.

We ensure your independence by placing how and what you need back in your hands, but we are still with you providing the skills and support to help you with every step of the way.

Nobody knows what you need, better than you, right ?

Value for Money

iSeekCare believes in providing high quality, low cost support service because we truely care about the lives of our participants.

iSeekCare is always finding ways to innovative which is why it helps us to keep the cost low without losing the quality, so you will get more for your money.

Hassle Free

When you join iSeekCare, you will be part of our family that will work together to ensure that you are always supported.

You will have a dedicated relationship manager who will always be overseeing your service, and be your first point of contact, so you will never need to worry.

We service all plan and self managed participants, not sure if you are

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